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Turnkey Projects

GEE specialized in providing project management turnkey solutions on the environmental related project. With our proven engineering capabilities and market reach, GEE able to carry out turnkey projects with aspects of environmental protection and advanced technological standards. Besides, we have developed a systematic procedure to ensure our client able to track about the progress and performance of the project.

With our highly qualified multidisciplinary team, GEE has gained the reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy partner. GEE’s professionals are ready to deliver our solutions from basic and detailed engineering design services to supply management, industrial plant operation and maintenances.
Time Time
  • Achievable and reliable deadline
  • Excellent time and project management skills
Cost Cost
  • Accurate resource planning
  • Optimal price and performance ratio
  • Less expenditure for coordination and project organization
Quality Quality
  • Reliable contractor and supplier network
  • Effective risk management system
  • Optimized communication and stakeholder management
  • Goal-oriented coordination of planning, construction and commissioning services.
Reference Reference
  • Flue Gas Treatment
  • Incinerator

Flue Gas Treatment

Flue gas treatment, a process designed to reduce the amount of pollutants emitted from industrial plant.
Our team consist of draughtman, process and project engineers who are experiences in handling:
  • Equipment for dust removal of flue gas
  • Equipment for flue gas desulfurization
  • Equipment for flue gas denitrification
  • Equipment for flue gas bleaching
  • Various equipment for VOC removal
Flue Gas Treatment


Incineration serves in waste management to destruct hazardous substances by controlled burning. GEE do specialize in engineering design of incinerator or furnace used for various application such as medical waste, plastic waste, industrial waste, general waste, etc. This thermal treatment process able to reduce the mass and volume of original waste up to 85% and 95% respectively.
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