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    Green Environmental Engineering (GEE): Your One-stop Sustainable Solutions

    GEE is your dedicated partner for comprehensive environmental engineering solutions, aimed at conserving and efficiently utilizing natural resources through innovative technologies and process optimization.

    Our products and services include:

      Green Environmental Engineering

    Sustainable Solutions for Waste Management and Biomass Conversion

    GEE is capable of managing your project from concept to completion, ensuring a seamless experience. We offer turnkey solutions to waste management and biomass conversion facilities. In waste management, GEE confidently proposes industrial waste treatment systems as alternatives to conventional landfills. GEE focuses on thermal technology such as incinerator and furnace design for various applications including plastic and medical waste. Leveraging the abundant supply of biomass waste, GEE offers biomass recovery and conversion facilities into valuable resources such as biogas, bioliquid or biosolid, promoting sustainable biomass energy.

    Besides, GEE safeguards the environment by transforming solid waste into renewable green activated carbon with a high surface area for diverse applications. Spent granular activated carbon (SGAC) must be either disposed of or regenerated in industries and GEE is well experienced in the technology of reactivating the SGAC.

    Air Pollution Control and Industrial Efficiency

    Recognizing the importance of clean air, GEE, with the support of Donaldson, provides industrial air filtration systems designed to eliminate dust, fume and oil mist. Our air pollution control systems are designed to ensure the exhaust meets the stack gas emission standards. Furthermore, GEE offer industrial effluent treatment systems to address all your wastewater concerns.

    Our Commitment to Sustainability

    At GEE, we are committed to corporate social responsibility, prioritizing our community’s well-being and environmental sustainability. Through our dedication to adopting advanced technologies, collaboration with reputable equipment vendors and the expertise of our R&D team, we have achieved remarkable success in mastering efficient processes and delivering exemplary projects throughout Asia in recent years.
    Green Environmental Engineering


    To build a better world by conserving the environment through our knowledge and integrity of services.


    Aspire to be one of the leading player in Asia and beyond to our customers in protecting the environment and building sustainable business model by empowering the zero-waste and waste to wealth goals in our projects.
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