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      We have a complete range of engineering services and "on-the-spot" expert technical advice. Ideal pre-sales and consulting and after-sales services. An all-round service, to ensure that our customers know that they are getting the right advice every time. To serve our community better, we collaborate with other companies to distribute their products. The range of products and services are listed below:  

    Dust Collector


    The Market Leader

    For decades, Donaldson® Torit® has offered manufacturers advanced and reliable dust, fume and mist collectors and filters engineered to provide outstanding filtration eficiency and energy savings. The pairing of these industry leading collectors and filters helps increase manufacturing eficiencies and cleaner environments for employees. When eficiency is maximized and employees are at their peak, so is the manufacturer’s productivity—and ultimately, its bottom line. Donaldson Torit products can help safeguard that bottom line with innovative collectors and filters, expertly eng ineered by its unparalleled team of R&D engineers to provide long-term value, rather than short-term savings.
    Incinerator Design

    Advanced Filter Media

    Advanced Filter Media
    Nanofiber technology in Donaldson filter media reduces depth loading by allowing surface retention of collected particulates. By managing fan speed, these specially designed filter media have lower stabilized pressure drop while lowering energy consumption. The trigonal filter features trap more filter media at the bottom of the cartridge element than any other cartridge on the market. Donaldson’s proprietary media technology made with an electro−spinning process produces a very fine, continuous fibre of 0.2-0.3 micron in diameter. Figure below shows one of the Donaldson’s invention which is Ultraweb® form a permanent web-like net with very fine interfiber spaces that trap dust on the surface media.

    Superior Perfomance

    Integrated collectors and filter media work together to offer the highest levels of eficiency and maximize productivity.
      Dust Collector  

    Type of Dust Collector

    Collector Type Brand Name Application
    Centralized Downflo Evolution (DFE)
    Dalamatic Cased ( DLMC)
    Ultraweb® Cartridge
    Duralife® Bag
    Plasma Cutting ƒ Laser Cutting Packaged Downflo Evolution (DFEP)
    Packaged Downflo Oval (DFOE)
    Ultraweb® Cartridge
    Ultraweb® Cartridg e
    Welding ƒ Portable Type Easy Trunk
    Porta Trunk
    Ultraweb® Cartridge
    Ultraweb® Cartridge
    Venting Type Dalamatic Vent (DLMV)
    Powercore CPV
    Duralife® Bag
    Powercore Ultraweb®
    Centralized (Shaker Type) Unimaster Duralife® Bag
    Booth Type Downflo oWrkstation (DSW)
    Environmental Control Booth (ECB)
    Ultraweb® Cartridge
    Ultraweb® Cartridge
    Weld Bench DowndraG Bench (DB3000) Ultraweb® Cartridge
    Mist WSO Mist Collector Synteq XP®

    Applications of Dust Collector

    Automotive Metal & Machining Pharmaceutical & Chemical Others Application
    • Shot Blasting
    • Powder Coating Foundry
    • Welding
    • CNC Machining etc
    • Abrasive Blasting
    • Wire Wheels
    • Sanding
    • Belts
    • Grinding
    • Wheels
    • Crushing
    • Milling
    • Screening
    • Mixing
    • Pelletizing
    • Coating
    • Compressing
    • Weighing
    • Packaging Process
    • Aerospace
    • Agriculture
    • Waste & Recycling
    • Manufacturing
    • Food & Beverage
    • Electronics
    • Power Generation

    Application Dust Collector

    Ensure that our customers getting the right advice every time.
    Automotive Service Metal & Machining Pharmaceutical & Chemical Other Application
    Metal &
    & Chemical

    Activated Carbon

    Granular (GAC)
    Granular (GAC)
    Powder (PAC)
    Powder (PAC)
    Extruded (EAC)
    Extruded (EAC)

    Raw Meterials of Activated Carbon

    Raw Meterials of Activated Carbon

    Application of Activated Carbon

    Activated carbon has small and low volume pores that increase the surface area for adsorption and chemical reactions. Due to its high degree of microporosity, activated carbon is used in a broad range of applications:
    Municipal Water Treatment
    Removal of harmful contaminants, removal of oxidising agent used during water purification process and conservation of water resources.
    Environmental Water Treatment
    Avoid leaching of organic contaminants to ground water and removal of organic compounds from remediated waste water.
    Environmental Air Treatment
    Purification of gas treatment liquid, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) removal, mercury control, odor control and hydrogen sulfide (H2s) removal.
    Food & Beverages
    Deodorization, decolorization, purification and stabilization in food application.
    Industrial Process
    Removal of trace impurities from chemicals and solvents, carrier for catalytic metal.

    Activated Carbon Testing

    Coming Soon



    Ecological Laboratories Inc.

    An international biotechnology company specializing in the development and production of microbial products for the natural treatment of environmental issues associated with the various uses of water and recycling of organic matter. Ecological's state of the art research and manufacturing facility focuses its growing team of microbiologists and chemists on providing advanced, cost-effective solutions on its two acre campus in Cape Coral, Florida.
    Ecological Laboratories Inc.   Ecological Laboratories Inc.


    MICROBE-LIFT, the one-of-a kind formula for use in a broad spectrum of applications in the agricultural, industrial and wastewater treatment fields. These bacterial formulations do on a large scale for commercial use can also be valuable on smaller scale applications such as ornamental ponds and water gardens.
    Microbe-Lift Advantages
    Natural, beneficial, environmentally safe bacteria that is non-pathog enic and no-ntoxic
    Create healthy environment in your pond or any water sources
    Promotes faster fish growth
    Improves dissolved oxygen levels
    Reduces hydrogen sulfide odors
    Metabolizes dead algae
    Dissolves away organic sludge
    Applications of Microbe-Lift
    Agricultural Water
    Agricultural Water
    Industrial & Commercial Water
    Industrial & Commercial Water
    Wastewater Treatment
    Wastewater Treatment
    Microbe-L   Microbe-L